Dear James,

    You were born September 14, 2014, on an ungodly hour on a hot-hot Sabbath. This year so far, has been eventful, and I’m sure every year for the next 100 years you are alive— which is probably the life expectancy of your generation— will be eventful as well.  

   2014, like previous years, is the same shit plus numerical 1 (2014= same shit in 2013 + 1); This is true for the years to come (2015 = same shit in 2014 +1). The events of circulation that are likely to occur: fabulous weddings, school killings, hurricanes, Hollywood suicides, airline crashes, inaugurations, corruption at the Olympics, some bat-shit crazy people causing ruckus in the middle-east, et cetera. This all really doesn’t matter. You will be engaged for a few weeks, and then forget about it. I recommend you bypass the endless news stuff, enjoy your life by participating in everything around you; that which you can feel, hear, smell, and see. Everything else, who gives a poo.

   Be a creator, make shit, finish that shit, listen to music, make music, work hard, finish shit. I recommend you start this process off with some moldable substance, paint, and learning the alphabet.

      With the alphabet, you’ll learn to write. If you can write, all the latter will fall into place. You will exercise the ability to decipher deep thoughts that can manifest into any art form. Just writing is alright, it’s never wrong. if you write a lot, you will soon begin to write well, and if you can write well, you can persuade people, your enemies will respect you, and the worlds imbeciles will fear you. Imbeciles aren’t your enemy, your enemies are people like you with contrary perspectives or goals that stand in your way. Please use these skills with an ethical motive. 

   Listen to your parents, I saw them go through more for you in three days than you’ll every be able to reciprocate, and they have another twenty-five years babying your ass— so listen. 

Also, do not cry when I hold you. 

- a concerned uncle

at Burnside Building
Xtreme sports  (at Eagle Creek Trail to Wahtum Lake)
#streetphotography #pdx (at Union Station (Portland, Oregon))
Venice Beach, CA
Jessica Lively, Venice Beach, CA
Venice Beach, Los Angeles County, California

My heart another beat

with every step

where I am; my feet

with every step

My lungs another breath

with every blink

where I am; I see

with every blink

I rest another sleep

through the night

where I am; I dream

through the night

I live another life

with every step

with every blink

through the nights

I die, I die, I die.


Daniel Dennett
Calling out to the ocean. @alexandramariea